“If we can save $$$ and CO2 and strengthen our community ...
why wouldn't we?”
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Our Mission Statement

To help small communities
self-organize, save $$$ and CO2,
and become stronger.
Tata Commons is our local instance of a Commons Community, an online platform that provides small rural towns with a local online infrastructure -- "information plumbing" -- to help it prosper, by helping its members save time, money, and CO2.

Small rural communities like ours (under 3000) have no public transit, and in the fight to find sensible climate solutions, the creative potential of small communities has been largely untapped.

The Tata Commons, and other Commons Communities elsewhere, are trying to change that.

Our "Tata Metro Area" includes Brule, Bayview, West New Annan, over to Denmark -- there are no firm lines, of course -- it includes anyone who explains where they live to outsiders as "near Tatamagouche."

We shop at our Foodland, visit our Post Office, our restaurants, our ScotiaBank, our pharmacy... and we all live near each other, in a shared community. We like living here.

We can take advantage of that closeness -- to save money, to save CO2, and to live an even better life -- with a little help from the TataCommons site.

The easiest way to save is to use the Common's Carpool tool, which lets us self-organize longer trips, to places like Halifax or Moncton or Truro, with other members of our community. With a little planning and coordination, those travel costs can be cut in half or more. If any of us commute to Truro or Pictou, or Debert, the Commons Carpool might help find others who also do.

The Commons Classifieds can help you find or offer local services, or borrow or rent a neighbor's machines, tools, or time. Want a music lesson, or to give away your piano? Post in the Classifieds! The Commons Contacter lets us send messages, questions, and notifications directly to other Members -- "Really? I can have your piano just by picking it up?"

Our locally-run businesses -- especially local bakers, egg producers, CSAs, and other primary producers nearby -- can list their services and products, like the old phone books' Yellow Pages, but now searchable by any TataCommons member. Musical performances, theatre, and Special Events of all kinds can be listed in the TataCommons Calendar of Events, by any Member of the Commons.

Throughout, there are options for messaging and communicating with the other Members of our community, as much or as little as you choose to do. Every CommonsTown has an Administrator (in this case, me, Michael Jensen) who is coordinator and cheerleader and "Site shepherd."

And we stay cheerful, even in troubled times! For example, we will be having a Music for the Commons event to officially launch the Tata Commons this February – schedule to be finalized soon.

The possibilities for clever efficiencies within our community, once we can all easily connect and coordinate, are immense.

Tatamagouche is our community, and if you are a member of it, you should be a member of TataCommons.com. Sign up now!

-- Michael Jensen
founder, CommonsCommunities and mwmwm, inc.
admin, tatacommons.com, riverjohncommons.com, and wallacecommons.com

If you are NOT from Tatamagouche, please don't sign up (we aren't unfriendly, just local). Instead, try the Demo to see how this thing works, and then consider if you want to initiate a Commons Communities site for your village. It requires some time and effort, and isn't for everyone, but if you're interested in being an early Admin, enter your name into our Yes! Interested! list.

Plan Carpool Trips to
Truro, Halifax, Amherst, Moncton, New Glasgow, and more!

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Useful Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions about Rural Carpool (20 Questions, Web page)
Guide to the Interface (8 pp., PDF)

For more info: michael@ruralcarpool.com